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Vendevor Tips: Social Selling [Infographic]

Social selling is imperative to retail and online purchase success. These tips from Vendevor will help you get on the path towards creating an ecommerce gold mine.

5 Tips to Social Selling with Vendevor:

  1. Take a picture - use your camera or phone to take a professional picture (make sure there is good lighting!).
  2. Add to an online store - use the Vendevor app or online platform to add products to your shopping cart.
  3. Post on social - share products on Instagram, twitter, etc. and include store links in bios!
  4. Convert to sales - sell though online store or directly from your company Facebook page.
  5. Share - repeat, repeat, repeat. Fans and friends share products to reach more customers.

Vendevor-Social-Selling-Infographic (1) Vendevor Social Selling Infographic Instagram

For more information, tips and tricks visit Vendevor.com.