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Daniela Rouse

10 Cold Calling Tips (That Really Work!)

Contributing Author: Mimi Thomas

Cold calling is something that most salespeople fear more than anything. It’s scary and unpredictable, with no two calls alike in the same day. Since the uprising of online marketing strategies, cold calling has taken the backseat over the last 20 years. However, what most people don’t realize is that this sales practice still remains a huge profitable form of marketing.

To help you get over the fear and make your next call into a sale, we have put together these 10 helpful tips:

1. Leverage Social Selling Before The First Touchpoint

Research your prospects on social media and web to find out about their interests, business, personal life, etc. This gives you a way to connect with them personally at the very first touchpoint.

You should know more than just the company name before you dial. Doing your research shows you know who you're calling, meaning you have a better chance of grabbing the prospect’s attention from the very beginning.

Pitch with a personalized approach – don't be generic.

2. Learn to Overcome Rejection ASAP

Rejection in cold calling will come often but don’t let it get you down! Instead use the opportunity to ask the prospect why so that you can refine your selling technique and hopefully score a sale on your next call.

3. NEVER Multitask During a Call
Making cold calls can turn into a rut. Therefore, you are tempted to entertain your brain with more interesting distractions, like scrolling through your Facebook feed. If you feel yourself starting to get distracted, step away from the phone and computer and try doing something else for a bit.

4. Only Say One to Two Sentences At Any Given Time
DYK? That your brain can only remember 20-30 seconds of information. Therefore, any prospect that you speak to will probably only remember 30 seconds of your fifteen minute conversation. By slowing down and making it easy for them understand, you have a better chance of grabbing their attention and therefore closing the sale.

5. Stand While Cold-Calling
Those who stand while making calls are more energetic and enthusiastic which will in turn translate to the person on the other end of the line!

6. Ditch the Script
Those whom may not be as experienced with cold calling are tempted to write a script so they know exactly what to say. In the end, this is only going to backfire so instead write down your talking points. Then you know exactly what you need to hit without sounding like a broken record!

7. It’s All About the Customer
Remember that you should make the language of your pitch relatable to them and their business. If you are able to do this, you will easily be able to show them how your product can benefit them; whether it's saving them time, money, or even better… both!

 8Ask Questions
Asking your prospect questions will bring to light what you and your product can do for their business. And just like that you can use your product as the answer to their problem!

9. Believe in Your Product
If you don’t believe it, why should anyone else? Let your happiness and enthusiasm for your company and product shine through the other side of the phone. More often than not, if you get excited about it, your prospect will too!

10. Value Before Price
By showing how valuable your product can be prior to talking price will show you customer just how much they need it before hearing how much it will cost them.

Next time you're ready to make another sale, you will be fully prepared to pick up the phone, focus on the call and furthermore close the deal. Interested in learning more about ways to improve your business? Check out some of our other blogs:

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